Get a brain-sensing head band (Neurosky Mobile or Muse, or Melon) and train your ability to focus and meditate.

Mindway Features

We are aming to create a unique cross-platform, multi-device range of applications that would help you to greatly improve your brain abilities using any of modern innovative brain-reading gadgets available.


Mindway supports Neurosky Mobile, Muse and Melon (coming soon). If you are into EEG devices, you are the most welcome.



Our apps can run on all kinds of iOS devices and Mac OS desktops. Isn't it nice?


iOS & Android

It is hard to believe but both Apple and Google Android devices are supported. Try it yourself.

Get us a beer

Mindway apps costs less than a pint of beer. We really appreciate your support.

Download It Now

Mindway Galaxy focus training game is available on Apple mobile devices, desktop Macs and most Android devices (coming soon). Please feel to try it out for!

Über Team

We have assembled a team that brings a diverse set of experiences and expertise to the Mindway labs.

Stas Kulesh

13+ years of experience in digital design & development.

Oleg Chernyshenko

Devoted software engineer with supernatural abilities.

Olga Minikaeva

Talented girl with a degree in the industrial design field.

Contact Us

Feel to contact David Kravitz, our managing director.

David Kravitz